What is 2013 ?

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What is 2013 ?

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:12 pm

What is 2013 ? -
What will happen in 2013 ?
After all the predictions for 2012 fail just as predictions failed for the year 2000. What new date will the doomsday industry make-up so they can cash in? “Nevertheless, this date is of enormous interest to certain doomsday prophets
and New Age astrologers, such as John Calleman, who are spreading the
good news either that the Maya knew the date when the world would end or
they knew the date when a New Age of Transformation would begin.* (The
Mayan glyphs and hieroglyphs aren’t crystal clear about what the
calendar means.) Too bad they couldn’t predict their own collapse”
Do You Have any predictions For 2013 Year ?


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